Thunderbear Gaming is a EU-based PC gaming community for competitive as well as casual gamers. We play, stream and create content in a variety of popular multiplayer games including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Fortnite, R6: Siege, CS:GO and the occasional RPG/MMORPG (i.e. Monster Hunter: World, WoWGuild Wars 2). In the future, we will also be grouping up for Fallout 76Battlefield 5Anthem and more. We host weekly events such as giveaways and tournaments!

We are not the kind of clan that forces you to participate in weekly meetings or mandatory training sessions. We play for the fun of it without being too strict. However, if you want to play more competitively, we have self-organized teams that train regularly.

If you have been looking for a friendly gaming clan for what seems like an eternity, unable to find anything fun, active or laid-back enough, give this one a try!

Discord Server:



Teams Looking for Members

-Rainbow Six: Siege



-Apex Legends


(P.S: If you want to create a team for a game not listed here, be sure to add that in your application)

Our Goals

– Maintain a warm and troll-free environment for new or veteran gamers

– Help players who wish to improve their skills

– Build teams and participate in tournaments

If you would like to join one of our competitive teams, please complete the form below: